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The Fashionistas Photoshoot

For my last issue at UP Magazine back in April 2015, I had the honour of crafting a fashion photoshoot with one of Kenya’s brightest rising fashion stars Kevin Abbra.

IMG_9809 3 Xcopy

Abbra’s style is vintage dappa with the odd bit of colour or an eccentric accessory thrown in for a twist. He has an eye for detail when it comes to style and manages to make men’s fashion seem so much more interesting than I’ve always suspected it is. His eye for women’s fashion is also excellent but I suspect it’s as a men’s style icon that he will go on to make his worldwide fame.

The concept for the shoot was simple: a couple heads for an exclusive weekend at a friend’s house. They go all out, ensuring they have changes of clothes for every eventuality and even get Kevin’s (pictured below) grandfather to lend them his car. Unfortunately the best laid plans can so often go askew and when he car breaks down neither one of our stylish couple has the faintest idea what to do about it. Eventually they give up and after a quick outfit change walk arm in arm off into the sunset.

End of story (isn’t fashion fun?).

These are the photos that made the cut:


IMG_9597 -1


IMG_9861 _2

All photos by Don Paul photography

This photoshoot originally featured in the May 2015 issue of UP Magazine

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