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Adventures in Ayurveda

I take a sip of my herbal tea and it takes every iota of my willpower not to spit it out. “You have got to be kidding!” I mutter loudly. The boyfriend looks at me, trying to suppress a giggle before bringing his own cup to his lips. I can tell by the way he screws up his face that for him too, the steaming garlic tea really takes the […]

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Tofu Truths

Tofu is a tricky bugger. For every time someone has prepared a pretty good dish of the soybean curd, I can count five times that I either failed to make it taste half decent, or simply abandoned it in the fridge for weeks, unable to conjure up the inspiration necessary to transform it into something palatable. While organising a dinner once, I was instructed to make a vegan cheesecake which […]

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When Wagyu Came to Kenya

To say I don’t get overexcited about food would be the understatement of the century. These days, a week doesn’t go by without me getting all fizzed up over some dish I saw on my Instagram feed, the thought of a new amazing restaurant opening in town, the prospect of the boyfriend getting creative on soup night (I’ve been promised dumplings in broth today). Understandably, my nearest and dearest tend […]

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Tale of Bloody Mary

It is not hyperbole to say that I have spent the better part of the last decade searching for the perfect Bloody Mary. My quest has taken me across continents: from airplanes, to dive bars, to the plushest of hotels and, of course, my own kitchen. More often than not, the Bloody Marys that have given me the most happiness are the ones I painstakingly knocked up my self. I […]

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Escape to Funzi Island

I lie awake in the Lamu bed; outside in the darkness, the coastal night orchestra is in full swing. The cricket string quartet is competing with the monkey chorus to drown out the clashing cymbals of the night birds and the blaring bush baby horn ensemble. A mosquito’s high-pitch hum searches for an entry through my net and onto my sunburned skin. I feel lulled by the unfiltered sounds of […]

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A Most Kenyan of Barbecues

The night was dark and heavy, humidity from the afternoon’s rains rising in a fine but clammy mist. There was no word on when, if ever, the electricity would be switched back on. Our phones were on low battery so we sat on the long balcony of the farmhouse enjoying the sounds of the cool Nyeri night. Only the dull warmth of the little charcoal oven reminded us that dinner […]

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RubaDub Therapy

RubaDub Therapy was the fifth event we at Bad Mambo have done of the RubaDub (RAD) series and was our first ever collaboration with the energetic Kaya Kenya team and their electronic dance night Therapy.
Saturday the 20th of Feb 2016 saw Nairobians gather together at Nairobi’s hottest new party hotspot the Alchemist to first shop eat and enjoy the warm afternoon rays and then later on get down and boogie to the sounds of Kaya Kenya’s Therapy DJs.
As a brand, RAD has continued to expand and we are extremely proud of this. Watch this space or the Bad Mambo website for future updates!

Pictures courtesy of Jude Clark and Dhruv Shah


Bad Mambo

Rub A Dub Therapy on Saturday, 20th February was a smashing success. From the vendors to the musical line-up hundreds of Nairobi residents turned up to party and shop at Nairobi’s newest spot, The Alchemist.

Photos courtesy of Dhruv Shah and Jude Clark

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