Katy Fentress

Observing, Understanding, Exploring, Eating, Drinking


Katy Fentress is a Nairobi-based multimedia journalist who spends more time tied to her desk than she wishes to.

She works as Nairobi Bureau Chief and Community Manager for a website called URB.im – for just and inclusive cities. Her work there allows her to research what informal settlements in Nairobi are like, what is being done to improve the lives of people there and most of all to talk to people who come from these marginalised and underrated corners of the metropolis.

As part of her project to unchain herself from the self-imposed bonds of slavery which manifest themselves in the form of a laptop, she has decided to start a blog. This is very ironic, she knows.

In her romantic vision of how things will be, she will go off on adventures around the world and scribble stories in a little notebook with a fountain pen and then write gushing prose describing the amazing people she encounters in her travels. These notes will eventually be uploaded onto this very blog.

Romantic visions rarely play out the way we would like them to. Fountain pens and bound notebooks will probably not feature very much in the process.

The blog will also serve as an archive for articles published elsewhere.



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