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Made in Nairobi

d͡ʒuː æ khwæ lɪ tɪj
proper noun
A superbly crafted artisanal product
synonyms: artisanal, handcrafted, skilled, non-industrial, unique, boutique
antonyms: industrial, production line, conveyer belt, photocopy, plagiarised
Example: “He makes amazing juakwality furniture”
“Her juakwality earring line is quite frankly inimitable”

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Kenyan Heartthrobs On a Kitchen Rampage

For the 2014 Christmas Issue, Yummy magazine decided the best way to celebrate the upcoming festivities was by inviting Kenya’s favourite Heartthrobs Sauti Sol to help in the preparation of a very special meal. Obviously the intention here was to photograph them in all sorts of compromising positions so we could illustrate the pages of the magazine with this very yummy yet messy affair! The team was composed of artistic […]

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