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The Love Issue Photoshoot

My first issue working for UP Magazine in May 2014 was the Love Issue. In retrospect what I really loved about this issue is the way I managed to successfully populate it with loads of my friends. Not only that, I also managed to get my boyfriend on the cover with my good friend Asa.

The concept and execution of this photoshoot was entirely the result of the brilliant Liz Maelane’s creative imagination. My role was mainly that of assistant, behind-the-scenes photographer with some art direction thrown in for good measure.

The idea behind the shoot was to shoot a multiracial couple but to hide their faces behind boxes and masks to hide their identity and downplay the importance that colour plays in relationships. Interestingly both Liz and I were (and are still) in mixed relationships which might explain why we loved doing this together so much.

Here is a brief selection of the pictures we took. Most of them are Liz’s but a couple (although not sure which) are also mine.

Love Issue 7

Love Issue 6

Love Issue 1

Love Issue 2 Love Issue 4
Love Issue 5Concept and Photography: Liz Maelane

Art Direction: Katy Fentress

Models: Asa Isacson and Josiah Kahiu

Location: Arboretum Park, Nairobi

These photographs were first published on upnairobi.com in June 2014

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