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Why We Love Lemons and Lemonade

Because we made it!

The time for full disclosure has finally arrived. The Bas Crew, which won the “Best Writing” prize at this year’s Nairobi 48 Hour Film Project for their film “Lemons and Lemonade”, was made up by members of the UP Magazine team in partnership with members of Cultural Video Production and Nairobi’s most prolific photographer, Msingi Sasis.


Thanks to an amazing cast, which included Nairobi’s favourite Radio Presenter Nick Ndeda, actor Harry Ebale – who recently played the role of Bildad Kaggia in the critically acclaimed and homonymously named play atPhoenix Players and Ondi Madete, who you will remember as UP Magazine’s most outspoken blogger and one of Nairobi’s most talented singers, the short film was – in our opinion at least, an astounding success.

You read about what the 48 HFP Nairobi was about, then you read how it was like to compete in the 48HFPand then you read what it was like to produce and then judge this year’s batch of nineteen films in ourinterview with city producer Carol Kioko. Now, finally, after much anticipation…. watch our film!

Note to the other producers from the 2014 Nairobi 48HFP: we will be happy to feature some of the other films from the competition on the UP Magazine website (the ones we liked which, if truth be told, were quite a few). We will, however, refrain from reviewing them as our loyalties are obviously severely compromised. So when you’ve uploaded them, do let us know!

This article was originally featured on upnairobi.com in December 2014

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