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Salame’ for Christmas

Everyone knows the biblical story of Salome right?
Well in case you’ve had a memory lapse (or have no idea what I’m on about) let me refresh your memory with this excellent synopsis I adapted from this here website:

Set in King Herod’s palace just after the birth of Christ in Galilee which is basically Palestine, we find Salome, who is a daughter of Herodias, and is the stepdaughter of Herod (King Herod killed his brother who is a father of Salome, and married Herodias who is the wife of his brother). One night Salome escapes to the grounds when it’s a full moon. She hears a weird voice from beneath the ground. This voice is the prophet Jochanaan’s (aka John the Baptist) who is confined to an old well by King Herod. Salome is interested in this voice, and orders Narraboth, who is a young captain of the guard, to open the cover of the well. Disregarding the fact that opening the well is prohibited, Narraboth opens it for the Princess. Jochanaan appears at the mouth of the old well and condemns Herodias’s marriage to Herod. And, he is not interested in Salome at all. When Salome begs for Jochanaan’s kiss, he returns to the old well. King Herod and Herodias also come to the grounds. Herod then orders her to dance, but she refuses to. Herod tells Salome that if she dances here for him, he will give her what she wants.
So Salome dances for Herod.
King Herod is satisfied with her dance, and asks her what she wants. Salome wants the head of Jochanaan on a silver platter. Herodias is pleased with Salome’s demand. But King Herod is afraid of killing the holy man. Herod tries to persuade her to give up her demand, but she refuses.

What follows is a reinterpretation of this story that was filmed over two days during Christmas 2012. The cast is composed by members of my immediate family and a couple of my closest friends. When I wasn’t being Salome and cooking the Christmas eve meal, I was alternating between directing and filming. Trust me, this is like no Christmas film you have ever seen before.

The Tale of Salame’ from Katy Fentress on Vimeo.

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