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Hello World!

Does WordPress no longer start out blogs with that greeting?
Have things changed since the last time I blogged?
Has it really been that long?

Well, whatever it is, I’ve decided to finally start keeping a blog again.
Still slightly unclear about the details though.
I thought I might post a few of my top articles from URB.im to start with and then continue by make a little chronicle of my upcoming trip to Mozambique. Possibly aim to be objective more than subjective. The last time I kept a blog it was all about me. Let me see if I can extract a story from each place I go without actually putting “me” into it. Or maybe I should go à la Hemingway and make in an ongoing chronicle of my trip seen through the eyes of the first person: me. Not that I pretend to aspire to be as any good as Hemingway but that’s who I’ve been reading of late so it’s been on my mind.

Or maybe I should go à la Facebook and write every entry in the third person “Katy thought she could grapple with the wriggly eel, but as it slipped through her hands and slid away through the grass, she realised the error of her ways”.

Ok so that’s a big decision I need to make: personal or impersonal? Subjective or objective? Hemingway or Facebook? (I love to imagine the horror some people might feel as they read such a statement). Anyway, I suppose I’ll have to experiment a bit and see what fits best.

After Mozambique it’s unchartered waters. This might explain my slight reluctance to give the blog a title. However, as I sit here pondering all these unknowns, my eyes fall on the book I used as a yoga block yesterday (very bad I know, but going and buying a yoga block just never is on top of my to-do list). The book is by Richard Dowden and it’s called: Africa – Altered States, Ordinary Miracles. No I have not read the book, although I am perfectly aware as to who Richard Dowden is. Sometimes I even read his blog, his obituary to Chinua Achebe was particularly moving.

As a result I think I’ll go with a working title of Katy Fentress – Altered States, Ordinary People. Leaving any double entendres that are there to be played out with time. And then if I can think of any title that is more original, mature and reflective of the serious intent of this blog (ahem) then I shall adjust it accordingly.

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